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Food database and calorie counter brand type: restaurant/fast food per 1/2 cup - calories: 130kcal | fat: 6.00g | carbs: 5.00g | protein: 14.00g

Braum's ice cream & dairy stores web site gives you the ability to send postcards, receive newsletters, shop online, take a tour, print recipes, enter contests, and also learn about what makes braum's products so great! your browser does not support java, sorry! braum's offers fresh meat and produce;; o ver 150 fresh

Carbs (gms) salisbury steak & gravy, frozen 1 sandwich(3.4 oz)

How many calories in braum's grilled chicken club? calories in grilled chicken sandwich from braums? > wiki answers > categories > health > nutrition > calorie count > how many calories in a braums grilled chicken club sandwich?

The "steak" sandwich is not what i would call steak - more like the "steak" that comes in a can that i feed the dog. weird texture and flavor - not steak. they don't know how to "toast" a toaster sandwich - the bread is never actually toasted, but buttered and warmed.

How fat is your state? calorielab supplies a calorie calculator for generic foods, nutrition facts for brand name foods, a calorie counter for fast food chains, and nutritional information for table service restaurants. salisbury steak and gravy (water, beef, onions, french bread, au jus concentrate, dried beef stock)

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| Braums Steak Sandwich Carbs | | Poppy Seed Chicken And Pineapple |

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