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Sue ellen (braman) scovotti & guest ralph scovotti [prime rib 2x] david brocher [prime rib] laura (cook) brown & guest william brown [after dinner]

Shoppers will crowd grocery stores this weekend as they prepare for thanksgiving dinner. markets are also this year, stores are offering a wide range of options, from turkey and ham to prime rib and goose. for the first time, ralphs will sell gourmet meals - gussied-up ham and turkey dinners - at all of its stores.

Ralphs meal plans; "for those shoppers like myself who don't really feel comfortable doing it from scratch, we have the classic holiday meal, all grocery stores are taking orders now. ralphs and albertsons will sell any dinners in stock looking for easter dinner menu ideas for your family's holiday meal?

* ralphs: turkey dinner includes stuffing, baked yam casserole, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. serves six to eight, $39.99. ham dinner includes scalloped potatoes, gratin of vegetables and rice. serves six to eight, $45.99. prime rib dinner serves eight to 10, $59.99. order by tuesday noon.

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Does this mean the end of club cards? what about double coupons? will ralphs continue this tradition, under the new pricing system? i did have a good prime rib dinner at a ralphs deli the other day for only $6.99 which for what its worth was a good deal.

But two years ago we had the turkey and prime rib dinner from ralph's. the sides were nothing to write home about. we made our own stuffing. but the turkey and prime rib were great. very moist. the prime rib was medium rare.

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| Ralphs Prime Rib Dinner | | Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip |

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