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    as the recipe that i've come up with so far is: coarsly ground pork from boston butt; salted fish (hom yu) that is mashed up; fine cut up ginger (?); 2 t cornstarch; 1 t salt; 1 t sugar water chestnut, coarsly ground;
  • I know this is a recipe question, but does anyone know how to prepare (recipe) for old style chinese ham yu (ham yuk). i know it's ground pork, maybe ginger and salted fish. but i don't know what the real ingredients are. 1950's old style chinese steamed pork (hom yu) (20 replies)

If you cannot find salted mackerel, phan suggests using any salted fish, called haam yee or hom yu at chinese grocers. salted anchovies or sardines, available at most grocery stores, also make good substitutes for salted mackerel. proceed with the recipe, placing the heatproof dish on top of the foil coils rather than in

[i can send you her recipe if you should want to give it a try]. her hom yu was superior to anything i’ve had since, but i have been able to find jars of salted mackerel packed in oil in chinese grocery stores on occasion and it works as a suitable substitute.

This steamed pork hash or cake, otherwise known as hom yu jing jiu yok bang, was not something i missed at first. not when my mom had a stroke, limiting her ability to cook this dish and so many others i had grown up with. the recipe for “saute of market vegetables with miso butter” is a cinch to make. even better,

This steamed pork hash or cake, otherwise known as hom yu jing jiu yok bang, was in the mean time i will try your recipe for steamed pork cake.

Peaked mountain ewe jersey; chocolate browine indulgence recipe; tylers ultimate recipes; hom yu recipe; green mountain hot apple cider; easy cocktails for a crowd; fried langoustines; | knotts berry farm chicken noodle soup | | victoria sauce canning recipe |

  • And by that i mean i liked the hom yu. i don't really care about anything else. but, like the neighbor girl that announced her family was moving back to denver back when you were eight, it disappears just as you realize your affection.
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| Hom Yu Recipe | | Replacement Shaker Tops |

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