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Congealed carrot salad recipe from dissolve gelatin in 1/2 cup cold orange juice. add to boiling orange juice and stir until gelatin dissolves. a

Gingered citrus congealed salad recipe from sprinkle gelatin over 1/2 cup orange juice in a medium bowl; let stand 1 minute. bring remaining 1 1/2 cups or

My mother used to make this for us when we are growing up. congealed. salad. fruit. sweet. fruity. gelatin. cheese. pineapple. orange. apple. banana. cherries

Congealed salad definition, a molded gelatin salad containing lime congealed salad. mandarin orange delig waldorf salad. cranberry gelatin sal

For dressing recipes for fruit salads, including a recipe for raspberry walnut sour orange dressing. sweet salad dressing. topping for congealed salad

Don't cover bowls or glasses during each chill time (except at very end) remove orange slices using a slotted spoon, and place in a single layer on wax

Posted by: sherry on sat, jun 24, 00 at 12:46. orange congealed salad. 3 oz. orange jell-o. 1/2 c. finely chopped pecans. 1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese. 1 small pkg.

  • I had no idea the words "congealed salad" would cause such confusion. hey, anything with cranberry and orange in it is going to taste like a dream.
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| Orange Congealed Salad | | Zagnut Bar Recipe |