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Porcini and field mushroom risotto, red wine jus roasted potatoes, smoked paprika and thyme oil 7.50 porcini mushroom risotto 7.50. honey roasted

Warm potato confit & wild mushroom napoleon with pinot noir jus. roasted venison chop baby porcini mushroom, carrot, potato "shoe" & grand veneur

Pepper tomato marjoram porcini mushroom mushroom thyme onion beef stock olive oil barley in red wine and redcurrant jus with parsnip gratin and oven

Porcini mushroom & thyme risotto. with grana balsamic eschallots, anchovy butter & thyme jus porcini mushroom & thyme risotto with grana pandano

Lamb sausage, pinenuts, spinach, seared porcini, mushroom jus. game. venison chop mushroom, thyme flowers. deleware oyster. champagne-leek jus, caviar,

Add chopped thyme and finely diced mushrooms and cook until soft. add pinot and reduce slightly. for the sauce soak dried porcini mushrooms in boiling water.

  • Gift certificates. chateau du sureau. history porcini mushroom-thyme jus. salad of arugula and watercress. french beans, sesame vinaigrette,
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| Porcini Mushroom Thyme Jus | | Marilyn Monroe Favorite Food |

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