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What tools were used by sumerians?; tools sumerians used include the euphrates and the tirgris river, which was used for irrigation systems. they also made mud-bricks for ziggurats and their huts. they also ued battleaxes, and flint food and cooking

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The sumerians were the first to build great cities in mesopotamia. the upper classes such as priests and merchants lived in double-storey houses, while craftsmen and tradespeople generally built only a single storey. houses had a kitchen with fireplace and cooking utensils, bathrooms with drainage, a downstairs room

Cooking food, probably in a simple wood-fired oven, 8 c3000bc the sumerians (occupying the area of present-day iraq) come up with the concept of the sausage, using nutritious but otherwise unappealing bits of animals and preserving them, probably by drying them in warm winds in casings made from the guts of the animal.

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