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Leave it to country music legend toby keith to create a restaurant that offers great food and the best live music in oklahoma city. named after toby’s hit single “i love this bar,” this exciting venue offers a real down-home experience.

Bone-in ribeye, toby keith’s i love this bar & grill will offer a wide variety of menu items including rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, cowboy caviar (black eyed peas), tasty ‘freedom fries,’ and toby's new menu favorite, fried-bologna sandwhich.

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Traveler advice on toby keiths i love this bar this was probably my favorite restaurant that i went to in okc. its a great place to go with family. if you are looking for some place fun and casual, this is the perfect place. the atmosphere is very cool with all sorts of posters and signs on the wall, it is a true

We went to the new toby keith i love this bar in st.louis park, mn for my 30th birthday last night. we had a group of 15 people. first impression was that it was a very large bar and a nice open space. but, any positive thoughts toby keiths by marty (1 review) ; october 02, 2010 toby keiths bar and grill minneapolis

This is the best place in town to watch football, college or nfl, they have awesome football specials and the whole staff is representing their favorite teams! tv's line the walls so you never miss a play! love that bar and grill!! toby keiths mesa

But on july 28, when country music superstar toby keith stepped on the set of the colbert report to promote his movie, beer for my horses, he was greeted by his host with nothing less than reverential admiration.

Looking for a review of toby keith's i love this bar & grill in oklahoma city? at gayot, our favorite feature is the view and our rating is 12. seek advice from your server when considering menu specialties like toby keith’s own country-fried steak recipe, the meatloaf and cowboy caviar (black eyed peas);

  • This is my favorite place to go in vegas! touristy as it may be, i love this bar! :0) ; the food is went to toby keiths 10/17 and was shocked by the total disregard for customer service, picture this we're in vegas with friends and decide to meet up for our final dinner of the weekend, cuz it's tme to go home.
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| Toby Keiths Favorite Foods | | Low Fat Gingerbread Muffins |