| Paula Deen Favorite Spice Bundt Cake | | Using Pepperidge Farm Stuffung For Dressing |

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    as 60294 by foodlibrarian · save as favorite. paula deen. paula deen's cinnamon ripple sweet potato bundt. . honey spice cake in my new chrysanthemum bundt pan. 53917 by foodlibrarian
  • Recipes. for now this is an apple spice bundt cake but it would seem the possibilities bundt cake has evolved! this decadent version of a perennial favorite is simply divine, with it's moist carrot cake and rum-buttermilk glaze. grandgirl's fresh apple cake from georgia recipe : paula deen

Apple sauce spice cake recipe cardamom bundt cake recipe - the blue heron ranch cookbook paula deen cake recipes

***to make this cute jack-o-lantern cake, i simply made 2 bundt cakes using this recipe for pumpkin spice cake. one of the bundt cakes in placed upside-down on the cake stand first, to form the bottom half of the pumpkin. within this blog, i will share my favorite recipes. several of them have been in my family for

Source: paula deen - within this blog, i will share my favorite recipes. several of them have been in my family for years, while the rest are new recipes that i've tried and loved. i hope you enjoy them as much as i have. all photos on this blog were pumpkin spice bundt cake (jack-o-lantern cake)

  • Butter and flour a 12-cup bundt cake pan. in a large mixing bowl, combine the eggs, oil, pie mix, water, and pumpkin pie spice. beat until well blended. add the cake mixes and stir to combine. transfer the mixture to the prepared pan and bake for 50 minutes, pumpkin gooey cake by paula deen santa's favorite cookies
  • The bag lady's favorite chocolate pound cak recipe courtesy paula deen, 2007 bundt cake 12 recipes
  • A whole month of bundt cake. wicked! i made a similar pumpkin spice bundt cake for canadian thanksgiving last weekend and it was delicious. although, my icing didn't turn out anywhere near this bundt cake experiment just rocks my world. maybe you've mentioend it and i missed it, but do you have a favorite of the bunch?

Instead, i present you with paula deen's chocolate cream cheese pound cake that i made this morning. (yes, shocking, i made another bundt cake!) this is from her book the lady & sons just desserts: more than 120 sweet temptations from savannah's favorite restaurant (with her very polite and sweet sons on the cover).

Hello, i have a pumpkin spice bundt cake recipe, it is so easy and everyone loves it. i buy a duncan hines spice cake mix, a large can of libby's (plain) pumpkin. i pour the cake mix in a bowl, add 3 eggs following the cake box instructions - then i measure the pumpkin 1/3c to replace the oil. favorite paula deen recipe;

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| Paula Deen Favorite Spice Bundt Cake | | Using Pepperidge Farm Stuffung For Dressing |

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